Find the right credit card for business travelers.

People who travel a lot on company have to make payments plus pay bills on many events – whether for right away stays in a hotel, foods in a restaurant, tickets plus tickets, a rental car and many more. The easiest and safest method is to use cashless. That is why company travelers like to use bank cards for such purposes.

As a credit card consumer, you are spoiled for option. Here are some tips on what to look for think about the “right” credit card. There may be no general recommendation. Which usually card is best suited depends generally on the scope of traveling and the use of the card.

Classic credit card or even prepaid card?

Classic credit card or prepaid card?

“Classic” bank cards are either so-called bank cards or credit cards – these with a “real” credit line. Using the Charge Card, billing and debiting from the reference account happens once a month, with the Credit Card, nevertheless , it is actually possible to set up to the limit.

In contrast, prepaid cards just work on a credit foundation. Here you have to “load” the total amount on the card in advance. Dispositions beyond this are not allowed.

You have to be economically flexible on business travels. That speaks more for any “classic” credit card. A credit card with a credit line is particularly ideal if it is difficult to estimate the size of the trip and the quantity of the travel costs beforehand and are dependent on “liquidity” all the time. Prepaid cards have the drawback that a rental car booking is generally not possible.

Company travelers need a high level associated with acceptance

Business travelers need a high level of acceptance

As a company traveler, the broadest feasible acceptance of your credit card is specially important. Visa and Master card cards offer the best situations for this. On the other hand, the approval of American Express or even Diners Club cards is certainly significantly lower. Visa offers slightly more acceptance points within Germany than Mastercard. Worldwide, the situation is exactly the opposite. Charge card use is more common presently there than in Germany.

As a business traveler, you happen to be on the safe side with the double card (Visa plus Mastercard), which is offered by several banks – usually included in a gold or platinum eagle card.

The particular “optimal” fee structure

The "optimal" fee structure

There are almost as many charge models for credit cards because there are providers. For Visa for australia and Mastercard, the card-issuing bank sets the problems based on business policy factors. That is why countless fee versions exist. At American Exhibit and Diners Club, nevertheless , the fees are established centrally.

The particular credit card fees usually include the annual fee in addition to fees for payment plus cash withdrawals. When getting rid of abroad, foreign currency fees or fees for use abroad tend to be due. In the case of a “ real” credit drawdown inside the framework of a credit line, attention is also charged. Some companies waive the annual charge, but the ongoing fees are usually higher than other providers by having an annual fee.

Which fee model takes care of for you. depends not minimum on your usage behavior upon business trips. For example , in case you often travel abroad (non-USD) and use your credit card more frequently, you should choose a provider that will charges the lowest possible foreign exchange fees and no fees just for cash withdrawals. A cards with an annual fee could be more worthwhile than a good apparently “ free” provide without an annual fee.

When additional solutions are interesting for tourists

When additional services are interesting for travelers

In the standard edition, credit cards are usually used mainly for payments and money withdrawals. Benefits beyond this particular are the exception rather than the guideline. This applies in particular in order to credit cards that are offered without an yearly fee.

The problem is different with premium credit cards, which are usually offered since gold, platinum or company cards.

This kind of credit cards usually contain tiered additional services, which can be split into the following categories:

  • Travel-related insurance coverage: this is about classic journey cancellation insurance, but also auto insurance for rental cars or take a trip health and accident insurance. Insurance plan generally only applies when the relevant travel service continues to be paid for with the card:
  • Participation in reward and discount programs: Right here you can, for example , collect reward miles from certain air carriers or receive discounts upon purchases in certain shops. Factors systems are often used, which usually provide bonuses depending on the credit card sales;
  • Entry to selected premium services: the particular spectrum ranges from the utilization of special airport lounges plus special emergency assistance to the particular “ concierge service” pertaining to organizing, booking and recognizing trips.

Credit cards with additional solutions are associated with higher (annual) fees than the standard edition. The additional services are especially interesting for business tourists who travel frequently. Insurance plan should offer the most additional value. For the other providers, it depends on your travel plus usage behavior whether these types of add-on services pay off to suit your needs. By choosing the appropriate superior card, you have the option of managing the scope of the extra services yourself.

Corporate and business (travel) cards

Corporate and business (travel) cards

As a last tip: As an employed company traveler, you can often work with a corporate or business (travel) card from your company. Along with such company credit cards, not just is the expense report simpler, it also saves you from needing to use your own private charge card.

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